Volume 32 Number 2 Has Shipped

The Summer 2017 issue of Over the Front should have arrived .

President (and cover artist) Michael O'Neal discusses the League's fund-raising efforts to place a World War I memorial at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

The 166th Aero Squadron – A History in Photos, by Charles G. Thomas and Michael J. O’Neal
The brief history of the 166th Aero squadron is captured in this article illustrated with 70 photos – most previously unpublished. From formation, through brief service at the front, to their role with the Army of Occupation, “Chuck” Thomas and League President Michael O’Neal have combined photographic resources to fil in the history of this obscure unit.   

The 9th Aero Squadron’s Fokkers – A Photo Essay, by Greg VanWyngarden
League Contributing Editor Greg Van Wyngarden provides a unique glimpse of the Fokkers assigned to the 9th Aero during their time with the Army of Occupation. Beginning with a well know photo of the famous “white” Fokker D.VII in 9th Aero Squadron Service, Greg fleshes out the story of this airplane with seventeen - many never-before published - photos of the airplane.  

Independent: New Jersey’s IAF Volunteers, by Michael J. O’Neal
The strategic Bombing mission of the Independent Force is the backdrop for the story of four American crewman – all New Jersey natives - who served with Britain’s premier long-range bombing units in 1918. Forty photos of the IF’s crews, aircraft and their German opponents illustrate the story of the IF’s first American casualty and his three successors.

A Short Time Across the Pond – 1/Lt. Lloyd Ludwig, by Michael J. O’Neal
Not all who served made it to the front. The brief biography of 2/Lt. Lloyd Ludwig illustrates the perils of flight training. Read what happens when youthful  enthusiasm, a snowstorm and a well-worn SE-5A collide.  

Jersey Driver: 2/Lt. Barry Truscott, 56 Squadron RFC, By Michael J. O’Neal
The story of the American YMCA delegate who enlists in the Royal Flying Corps, ends up with arguably the most famous British WW 1 fighter squadron and who ultimately succumbs to the stress of life as a combat pilot.   

The issue concludes with Between the Bookends.