Volume 36 No. 1 Is On the Horizon

The first issue of 2021, Volume 36 No. 1 is undergoing final edits; the contents are set and what's left is the formatting. So renew now, if you haven't already. Here's what you have to look forward to in the issue from Managing and Issue Editor Mike O'Neal:

We Were Told What to Write by Hugh Harrington examines the accuracy of the history of the 96th Aero Squadron as published in the Gorrell Reports.

A Bad Day at Issoudun by Michael O'Neal presents a detailed look at the three fatal accidents on 16th August 1918 at the 3rd AIC, Issoudun.

Let the Tree Lie by Richard Dobbins is a study of how and why Quentin Roosevelt's remains were moved to the US Cemetery at Normandy when his parents explicitly requested he remain buried where he fell.

With A Short History of the School of Military Aeronautics at Princeton University,Michael O'Neal takes a look at operations and organization of the ground school at Princeton.

Documenting WW1 in the Sky by Darroch Greer takes us behind the cameras for the filming of two WW 1 documentaries covering the First Yale Unit and the Lafayette Escadrille.

In Arthur Billard 13th Aero, Michael O'Neal gives a short biography of Lt. Arthur Billard.

 A Pfalse Pfalz?, Mikael Carlsson's near perfect replica of the obscure Pfalz D.VIII is the subject of Jon Guttman's article.