Volume 36 No. 1 Is Out

The first issue of 2021, Volume 36 No. 1 has begun shipping. So renew now, if you haven't already. Here's what you have to look forward to in the issue from Managing and Issue Editor Mike O'Neal:

We Were Told What to Write by Hugh Harrington examines the accuracy of the history of the 96th Aero Squadron as published in the Gorrell Reports.

A Bad Day at Issoudun by Michael O'Neal presents a detailed look at the three fatal accidents on 16th August 1918 at the 3rd AIC, Issoudun.

Let the Tree Lie by Richard Dobbins is a study of how and why Quentin Roosevelt's remains were moved to the US Cemetery at Normandy when his parents explicitly requested he remain buried where he fell.

With A Short History of the School of Military Aeronautics at Princeton University,Michael O'Neal takes a look at operations and organization of the ground school at Princeton.

Documenting WW1 in the Sky by Darroch Greer takes us behind the cameras for the filming of two WW 1 documentaries covering the First Yale Unit and the Lafayette Escadrille.

In Arthur Billard 13th Aero, Michael O'Neal gives a short biography of Lt. Arthur Billard.

 A Pfalse Pfalz?, Mikael Carlsson's near perfect replica of the obscure Pfalz D.VIII is the subject of Jon Guttman's article.