Over The Front Binders (Set of 5)

…to your copies of Over the Front with these protective binders. Each one holds four issues, perfect for protecting your journals from hangar rash. These deep blue hardcover binders carry the Over the Front logo stamped in gold on the spine, making an attractive bookshelf display. They are identical to those supplied in the past, except they will NOT include volume/year numbers. Binders are available in lots of 5. Prices include shipping and handling direct to you from the manufacturer.
Please order by January 15, 2022. We have to place a group order to get a favorable price on these custom-made binders, and our manufacturer requires advance payment. This will be your only opportunity to get them until our next ordering cycle, about 5 years from now.
If you wish to mail your order in, you may download an order form here. Do NOT fill and email this form!