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2017 marks the 32nd year of production of our outstanding journal Over the Front; free with membership in the League of WWI Aviation Historians. 2017 will be another exciting year of outstanding historical articles in our world class journal, and the cost of a basic membership is just $65. To sign up CLICK HERE. The League remains the preeminent group for all things WWI Aviation History. Be a part of the great community that is the League of WWI Aviation Historians!

Volume 32 Number 3 Is Out!

The Autumn 2017 issue of Over The Front has finally arrived!

Volume 32 Number 3 was unavoidably delayed in layout, for which Managing Editor Mike O’Neal apologizes (at the insistence of League President Mike O’Neal)(His arm is getting tired changing hats all the time!). Issue Editor Jack Herris has pulled together a broad range of articles with something for everyone (except, possibly, RFC/RNAS/RAF buffs).

A History of FA(A) 213 by League member Rob Tholl presents the first published history of this unit. Rob's interest stretches back to his youth when he discovered his grandfather served as a funker (Radio operator) in the unit from 1916 until the end of the war.

Validity of French Aerial Losses and Claims 1917-1918 by Peter Fedders, Ph.d, examines the validity of French aircraft losses and victory claims. Taking a statistical approach Dr. Fedders presents his view of the relationship between reality and the "official" record.

Looking into German vs. Allied Aircraft Development Jack Herris applies his extensive knowledge of the German and Allied aircraft industries to examine the differences in philosophy and execution in the technical development of combat aircraft.

In The Brusilov Offensive Aerial Combat NASM staff member Carl Bobrow takes us to the eastern front and presents a newly translated work which recounts the Russian Air Arm's operations during the Brusilov Offensive.

  • Manfred von Richthofen Commemoration

    21 April 2018 marks the centennial of the demise of Rittmeister Baron Manfred von Richthofen, being shot down and killed near Vaux-sur Somme, France.  WWI aviation historians from around the world have visited this site and more plan on perhaps some informal commemoration there, the morning of, to mark the day. 


  • A World War I Monument at NMUSAF

    Since the National Museum of the United States Air Force has no monument honoring World War I airmen, the League has undertaken creation of one, to be unveiled on September 21, 2018, at the Dawn Patrol fly-in.


  • 2018 Seminar

    The 2018 Seminar is now being planned. If you would like to get involved in this, please contact League President Mike O'Neal.


  • Isle of Jersey World War I Aviation Stamp Issue

    The Isle of Jersey has announced the issue of a set of six stamps commemorating World War I aviation, and featuring the work of League member and frequent cover illustrator Russell Smith


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