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Gone West - Dieter Gröschel (1931-2018)

We are saddened to learn of the death of long-time League member and contributor Dieter Gröschel, on March 12, 2018. All of us have learned from his Journal contributions, and many have also benefitted from his aid in research efforts.

His family will place a memorial bench in the Ivy Creek Natural Area in Charlottesville, VA. Dieter and his wife were founding members of the Ivy Creek Foundation, established for local environmental preservation and education; in recognition of this, donations to the Foundation in his memory seem appropriate.

A fuller tribute, by Greg Van Wyngarten, will appear in an upcoming issue of Over the Front.

Volume 32 Number 4 Released

The Winter 2017 Issue is at the printer.
Issue Editor Colin Owers has yet another wide-ranging issue for us to wrap up Volume 32.
With DeTurenne - Gamecock of the Air Colin Owers, Jon Guttman and David Mechin present a translation of an interview with Capitaine Armand de Turenne, 15 victory ace who served with SPA 48 and SPA 12.
In Leutnant Max Ritter von Mulzer; The Bavarian Flying Corps’ First Pour le Merite Recipient German correspondent Reinhard Kastner relates the career of Leutnant Max Mulzer, the first Bavarian recipient of the Pour le Merite.
The Courtis-Suffit Lescop Fighter The little known French designed Courtis-Suffit Lescop fighter is the subject of Colin Owers' essay on this innovative airplane. While never developed, it incorporated unique design elements that would come into wide use post-war.
In Memorium: Maria Fede Caproni reviews the life and far-reaching influence of Countess Maria Fede Caproni in a memorial tribute by Italian correspondent and League member Gregory Alegi.
The Editors have prepared a photo essay on 1/Lt. John "Jack" Rumsey in Egypt.

With The Short Bomber, Colin rounds off this issue with a copiously illustrated history of the development of the Short Bomber. Used by the RNAS, the aircraft suffered teething and production troubles, presented in detail by the issue editor.

Polaroid of pilot