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2018 marks the 33rd year of production of our outstanding journal Over the Front; free with membership in the League of WWI Aviation Historians. 2018 will be another exciting year of outstanding historical articles in our world class journal, and the cost of a basic membership is just $65. To sign up CLICK HERE. The League remains the preeminent group for all things WWI Aviation History. Be a part of the great community that is the League of WWI Aviation Historians!

News on the Upcoming Journal Issues

The remaining issues of Volume 33, for Summer, Autumn and Winter, are progressing, albeit slowly.

Volume 33 #2, the Summer 2018 issue, edited by Hannes Täger, has been released to the printers and should be out Real Soon Now. Contents include:

Franz Büchner The Lion of Liepzig - Hannes Täger  presents the biography of this successful Saxon ace.

Wilhelm Frankl - The difficult handling of a Tradition Bearer - Jorg Muckler presents investigates the complex workings of preserving the memory of a national hero.

Bavarian Aviators Adventure in the Syrian Desert -  A rare first person narrative presents a riveting account of adventures in Palestine and the dangers which all fliers in the region faced. 

Some News about Ernst Frieherr von Althaus -  New research by Hannes Täger follows the biography of this early German ace which previously appeared in Over the Front. 

A Grave of French Airmen near Nauroy in the Champagne - The story behind the grave of a downed French aircrew and a recent pilgrimage to honor their service,

Charlie Walthall's Tangible Links column takes on a Germanic flavor this issue with a study of some interesting personal items from Carl Allmenroder and Wilhelm Frankl,

Plus, Peter Kilduff's Between the Bookends.

Volume 33, #3, the Autumn issue, edited by Mike O'Neal, is in layout.

 Contents include:

22 Squadron Bristol Fighter Ace Captain George Bulmer, chronicled by his grandson.

 Lt. John Beekley's career as an USAS flying officer attached to French Escadrille SPA bi-42 and brief review of the US ground officers trained b the French as air crew.

 An update on a the resurrection of an original Bristol Fighter by Ross Walton

 2018 OTF Seminar report and the dedication of the League-sponsored monument to American WW I aviators, in addition to the regular articles and columns.

The Winter 2018 issue should be getting the initial review shortly, and proceeding to layout once the Autumn issue has been completed. The Issue Editor for the Spring 2019 (Vol. 34 #1) is already at work on that, so it may actually be out in the Spring.

Managing Editor Mike O'Neal welcomes any volunteers willing to assist in basic editing, proff-raeding and layout. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to help in those or any other capacities. President Mike O'Neal would like to step down from that office so he can devote more time to his editorial duties. If you're willing to take on the position, or can suggest someone who could handle that job, please let the editor know.

Volume 33 No. 1 Is Coming

The Spring issue is finally on its way, and features an interesting lineup.  Issue editor Peter Kilduff has marshaled the talents of several League authors whose contributions span German, British and Franco-American stories.  Lance Kreig contributes for the modelers and Charlie Walthall launches a new feature examining the material culture connecting story and artifact.

In The Lafayette Escadrille in the Grinder of Combat,  Steven A. Ruffin examines the famous Escadrille Lafayette's operational experience in the battle of Verdun.

Founding League member and frequent contributor Peter Kilduff presents the events of The Last Big German Air Raid Over England in May 1918 in detail, including newly compiled information.

The prolific Job Guttman relates the story of West Virginia native, and Royal Flying Corps ace, Louis Bennett, Jr.: America's Second-Ranking Balloon Ace.  Jon traces Bennett's story from enlistment through his meteoric combat experience and finally his death after just a few weeks of combat flying.  The story that develops after Bennett's death is as interesting as his combat experience. 

The autumn of 1916 saw the first German aerial mission which deposited saboteurs behind the lines to disrupt supply lines. Windisch’s and von Cossel’s Airborne Operation in October 1916 by German correspondent Sebastian Rosenbloom chronicles this little known mission on the Eastern Front by a crew which featured future Pour le Merite ace, Rudolf Windisch.

Issue editor Kilduff takes another look at the too-good-to-be-true aerial combat photography in Photo Fakery: A Look at “Cockburn-Lange” Photographs which includes seldom seen photos of the photos which presented a fantastic - though forged - look at aerial combat.  

For the Modellers, Going to the  Source – Junkers D.I by Lance Krieg examines the Junkers fighter in some detail. Those working on the recent Wingnut Wings release in 1/32 scale of this unusual fighter will find this a useful guide to the Junkers cockpit. 

Tangible Links: Exploring The Material Culture of WW1 Aviation, moderated by Charles Walthall, Ph.D is the first in what will be a continuing series of features tying together memorabilia and artifacts with the stories and events of the war in the air.   

The League pays homage to long time contributor Dieter H.M. Gröschel, M.D.

A brief photo essay by Peter Kilduff follows Lt Hyman C. Block, 89th Aero Squadron through his service at the 2nd Corps Aeronautical School at Chatillion-sur-Seine, France.

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