Volume 35 No. 4, Winter 2020

Issue Editor Greg VanWyngarden has put together an issue with articles covering French aces (by David Méchin), the effectiveness of bombing campaigns (by Steve Suddaby, whose database on bombing missions is available here), the victories of Leut. D. R. Leopold Anslinger on the Eastern Front (by Marat Khairulin) and a look inside a contemporary memorial album for Eduard Böhme (by Lance Bronnekant) along with a tribute to the late World War I aviation historian and past OtF editor and League Board member Stewart Taylor from Peter Kilduff and others. In addition, the Modeling Corner looks at the evolution of scale model kits, Peter Kilduff reviews new books, and League President Dan Polglaze gives a look at what the League is planning down the road (a hint – you’ll want to renew promptly!).

Volume 35 No. 3, Autumn 2020

Issue Editor Hannes Tager and Managing Editor Mike O'Neal have released the Autumn 2020 issue of Over the Front to the printer. As is not surprising considering the editor, the articles have a distinctly German slant:

1) Hartmuth Baldamus by Hannes Tager. Issue editor Hanne Tager offers the biography of 18 victory German ace Hartmuth Baldamus. 

2) Flieger Psycologie by Hannes Tager.  A study of the effects of combat fatigue from the German perspective.

3) Fatal Heatstroke by Rainer Absmeier.  Our German correspondent presents a study of the problem of ammunition self-ignition in the Fokker D.VII suffered by the German Luftstreikrafte in the summer of 1918. 

4) The Flying Careers of the Saxon Straube Brothers by Hannes Tager. The previously unpublished family photo album provides a unique photo essay of two brothers who both served as pilots in reconnaissance units.