Volume 36 No. 4, Winter 2021

The final issue for 2021 has begun appearing in mailboxes. The issue opens with a rare look at a Hungarian pilot with Oberleutnant Franz Čík of the Austro-Hungarian kaiserliche und königliche Luftfahrtruppen by Juraj Červenka. Issue Editor Mike O’Neal continues his examination of American training casualties at Issoudun, for the period May through August 1918. Lee Corbin looks at a surviving U. S. Navy seaplane hangar, still in use today albeit in a new role, in Fly Boys and Boat Boys. Greg VanWyngarden taps Charley Gosse, Charles Thomas and Mike O’Neal for assistance in Alan’s Albatros, which draws on a newly uncovered photo to provide some sidelights on the day. Russell Smith’s cover painting captures the event. In Tangible Links Charlie Walthall and Ted Huscher examine a war souvenir made from an Austrian propeller. Finally, Peter Kilduff reviews books of note in Between the Bookends.

Volume 36 No. 3 Shipped!

The Autumn 2021 issue of Over the Front is out. Inside:

Air Casualties at Issoudun - Part 1 - Issue editor Michael O'Neal presents the first of a multi-part study of the fatal accidents at the 3rd AIC.

Vzfw Paul Raisig and the Bavarian Battlefliers of Schlasta 30b - Robert Tholl's quest to identify a grave marker leads to a sparkling account of a Bavarian ground attack unit.

Reincarnated Colors of a Warbird - Alan Toelle and Steve Ruffin combine talents to tell the story of a fascinating fabric insignia salvaged from a 103rd Aero Squadron SPAD andcurrently on display at the March Field Air Museum.

Halberstadt Evolution - Jack Herris presents a richly illustrated overview of the development of aircraft from the Halberstadt company.

Plus - Peter Kilduff's usual Between the Bookends book review column and a cover painting of Halberstadts in action by Russ Smith to round things out.