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The League has been publishing Over The Front since 1986. Back issues are available as individual copies or complete volumes (4 issues). Click on the individual issue number, or volume, to view its description and table of contents. Prices only include 4th Class shipping to the US. For other destinations, please select International Shipping. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery, more if you are overseas.

From our first issue until the latest, these covers represent several thousand pages of World War One aviation history. If you click on each thumbnail you will be able see an issue summary. The League is very fortunate to have many talented aviation artists among its membership who visually interpret the events depicted in the journal's pages. Their excellent work adds great value. Click and enjoy! And if you're not a member, join! Covers with a line through them are out of print; you may still view their list of contents.

You may download a full table of contents (as an Excel spreadsheet) of all issues to date here.

Over the Front Issues