The Spring 2024 Issue is Out

Michel Coiffard’s remarkable rise from infantryman to become one of the top French fighter aces of the war is chronicled by Chrisophe Cony. Sparsely covered in the literature, his 34 victories place him 6th on the French list of aces.

In “A Decorated Soldier” author Will Simpson surveys the combat career and legacy of Eugene Bullard, America’s first black fighter pilot.

Jon Guttman and Frank Bailey trace the combat career of the little-known French Escadrille Spa. 158. One of the few equipped with the Morane A.I monoplane in 1918, its short combat career yielded only 2 air-to-air victories.

Well known by name to most WW 1 historians, Raynal Bolling’s death – the only airmen killed in combat without having flown a single mission – has left his impressive organization achievements largely unknown. Steve Ruffin’s masterful article helps restore Bolling’s rightful place in the pantheon of architects of the US Air Service.