Seminar Plans

The League Board of Directors has determined that we can't confidently plan a League Seminar for 2021. We are currently planning to have a 2022 Seminar in coordination with the National World War I Museum in Kansas City during the latter half of the year.

An Over the Front Table of Contents

As President Dan Polglaze said in Between the Lines in Volume 35 No. 3, we (mostly he) have been delving through our back issues to create the first-ever complete Table of Contents for every issue of OTF published to date. In it you'll find titles, authors, volume, issue and page references, and major topics for each article. It's all in the form of an Excel spreadsheet so you can download your own copy and sort, search and modify it as much as you want. Can't wait to get started? Download a copy here. We'll try, now that we've got it, to keep it updated as each new issue comes out, but may fall behind.

Think of this as a first step toward a full index of all of Over the Front, an endeavor you can help with. Interested? Contact Dan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It's Time To Renew For 2021

Renewal forms, both PDF (for mail-in) and web store, are now available. Mike O'Neal promises another packed year of content, and is pushing to get all the way back on track. He and his team of Issue Editors are hard at work on the next four issues even as I write. So renew now and ensure you get the next year uninterrupted. It's still a bargain at a base price of $65/year (US 4th Class Mail; don't forget to select the appropriate mail option for your location and desired delivery speed). To add a note of realism here, I chose the First Class option, and received Vol. 35 #4 in mid-February while Board members who opted for 4th Class mail were still waiting for Vol. 35 #3. Not us, folks - that's the U. S. Postal Service, who are now charging not for delivery but for storage.

What is in store for 2021? We’re hoping that we can put together an in-person seminar, but that’s still up in the air. We will be publishing more great content. Upcoming articles, at least some of which will appear in 2021, include Lt. Arthur Billard, 13th Aero Squadron; Native Americans in the US Air Service; short histories of one or more of Escadrilles SPA 92, SPA 98, SPA 157; Winslow’s first victory photo essay; accident analysis at Issoudun; Reminiscences of Oskar Kuppinger, bomber observer; Gotha Hunters – A History of 44 Squadron RFC/RAF; and much more.

Price Reduced on Vol. 21-30

Volumes 21 through 30 are now being sold at a mere $40/volume, or $15/issue for the single issues. So now is the time to fill in some of the gaps in your collection. Some issues are sold out; there's a line through the cover illustration on those and the we are not offering the volume they would be in. Volumes 31-34 are $60 each, with individual issues $20 a copy. Where they are available, Volumes before Volume 21 are $20 each. Single issues are still $15 for issues in those volumes.