British Ranks

WWI British Ranks

Army Officers
Field Marshal FM General of the Armies
General Gen. General
Lieutenant General Lt.Gen Lieutenant General
Major General Maj.Gen Major General
Brigadier General Brig.Gen Brigadier General
Colonel Col Colonel
Brigadier Brig commander of a Brigade
Major Maj Major
Captain Cpt Captain
Lieutenant Lt First Lieutenant
Second Lieutenant 2/Lt Second Lieutenant
Enlisted Men
Warrant Officer 1st Class 1/WO Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer 2nd Class 2/WO N/A
Sergeant Major Sgt.Maj Master sergeant
Sergeant Sgt Sergeant
Corporal Cpl Corporal
Lance Corporal L.Cpl Lance Corporal
Private Pte Private
Naval Officers
Admiral of the Fleet Adm.F. Fleet Admiral
Admiral Adm. Admiral
Vice Admiral V.Adm. Vice admiral
Rear Admiral R.Adm. Rear Admiral
Commodore Com. Commodore
Captain Cpt. Captain
Commander Cdr. Commander
Lieutenant Commander Lt.Cdr. Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Lt. Lieutenant
Sub-Lieutenant SLt. Lieutenant (j.g.)
Commissioned Warrant Officer C.WO. Chief Warrant Officer
Midshipman ? Midshipman
Naval Enlisted Men
Chief Petty Officer CPO. Chief Petty Officer
Petty Officer 1st Class P.O. 1 Petty Officer 1st Class
Petty Officer 2nd Class P.O. 2 Petty Officer 2nd Class
Leading Rate LR. __
Seaman Sea. Seaman
Boy ? __
Air Marshal A/M General
Air Vice Marshal A/V/M Lieutenant General
Wing Commander W.Cdr. Colonel
Squadron Commander Sqdn.Cdr. Major
Flight Comander Flt.Cdr. Captain
Flight Lieutenant Flt.Lt. Lieutenant
Flight Sergeant Flt.Sgt. Sergeant
Air Mechanic AM
Air Mechanic First Class 1/AM
Air Mechanic Second Class 2/AM
Royal Naval Air Service Officers
Wing Captain W.Capt. Colonel
Wing Commander W.Cdr. Lieutenant Colonel
Squadron Commander Sqdn.Cdr. Major
Flight Commander Flt.Cdr. Captain
Flight Lieutenant F/L Lieutenant
Flight Sub-Lieutenant FSL Second Lieutenant

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American Ranks

WWI United States Ranks

United States Army Officers
General gen.
Lieutenant General lt. gen.
Major General maj.gen.
Brigadier General brig.gen.
Colonel col.
Lieutenant Colonel lt. col.
Major maj.
Captain capt.
1st Lieutenant 1st. lt.
2nd Lieutenant 2nd lt.
Cadet cadet
United States Army Enlisted Men
Sergeant 1st Class sgt. 1
Sergeant Major sgt.m.
Sergeant sgt.
Corporal cpl.
Private 1st Class pvt. 1
Private pvt.
United States Naval Officers
Admiral adm.
Vice Admiral v. adm.
Rear Admiral r. adm.
Commodore (war time rate only) com.
Captain capt.
Commander cdr.
Lieutenant Commander lt. cdr.
Lieutenant lt.
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) lt.(j.g.)
Ensign ens.
United States Navy Enlisted Men
Warrant Officer w.o.
Chief Petty Officer c.p.o.
Petty Officer 1st Class p.o. 1
Petty Officer 2nd Class p.o. 2
Petty Officer 3rd Class p.o. 3
Seaman sea.

List of Ranks