American Ranks

WWI United States Ranks

United States Army Officers
General gen.
Lieutenant General lt. gen.
Major General maj.gen.
Brigadier General brig.gen.
Colonel col.
Lieutenant Colonel lt. col.
Major maj.
Captain capt.
1st Lieutenant 1st. lt.
2nd Lieutenant 2nd lt.
Cadet cadet
United States Army Enlisted Men
Sergeant 1st Class sgt. 1
Sergeant Major sgt.m.
Sergeant sgt.
Corporal cpl.
Private 1st Class pvt. 1
Private pvt.
United States Naval Officers
Admiral adm.
Vice Admiral v. adm.
Rear Admiral r. adm.
Commodore (war time rate only) com.
Captain capt.
Commander cdr.
Lieutenant Commander lt. cdr.
Lieutenant lt.
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) lt.(j.g.)
Ensign ens.
United States Navy Enlisted Men
Warrant Officer w.o.
Chief Petty Officer c.p.o.
Petty Officer 1st Class p.o. 1
Petty Officer 2nd Class p.o. 2
Petty Officer 3rd Class p.o. 3
Seaman sea.

List of Ranks

Serbian Ranks

Ranks were the same in all arms (Infantry, Cavalry, Aviation, etc.). Serbia, being a land-locked country, didn't have a navy.

Rank abbreviations were reconstructed from modern usage, or common sense and analogies where the rank no longer exists. In WW I only the Cyrillic ranks would have been used; the Latin column may be used as a guide to pronunciation; the pronunciation column contains a simplified version, where appropriate, for English speakers.

Cyrillic Latin Pronunciation* Abbrev.-Cyr. Abbrev.-Latin English
Војвода Vojvoda Voyvoda војв. vojv. Fieldmarshal
Ђенерал Đeneral Dyeneral ђен. đen. General
Пуковник Pukovnik Pookovnik пук. puk. Colonel
Потпуковник Potpukovnik Potpookovnik ппук. ppuk. Sub-colonel
Мајор Major Mayor мај. maj. Major
Капетан прве класе Kapetan prve klase кIк kIk 1st Class Captain
Капетан друге-
druge класе
Kapetan drooge klase кIIк kIIk 2nd Class Captain
Поручник Poručnik Porootchnik пор. por. Lieutenant
Потпоручник Potporučnik Potporootchnik ппор. ppor. Sub-lieutenant
Enlisted men and NCOs:
Cyrillic Latin Pronunciation* Abbrev.-Cyr. Abbrev.-Latin English
Наредник Narednik нар. nar. Sеrgeant
Поднаредник Podnarednik пнар. pnar. Sub-sеrgeant
Каплар Kaplar капл. kapl. Corporal
Редов Redov ред. red. Private

*Pronunciation (simplified):
A is pronounced like in "mud"
E is pronounced like in "bed"
I is pronounced like in "pit"
Oo is pronounced like in "book"
O is pronounced like in "bog"
Y is pronounced like in "York".
S is pronounced like in "sin"
Our thanks to Nemanja Konstantinovic for furnishing this information.