Jasta Boelcke

Jasta Boelcke was one of the premier German fighter units of the First World War. Some of the aircraft are illustrated here by artist Chuck Stearns:

Alb. D.III of Ltn.d.R. Hermann Frommherz, Spring 1917

This Albatros D.III was the aircraft of Leutnant der Reserve Hermann Frommherz when he flew with Jasta Boelke in the Spring of 1917. He called it the "Blaue Maus".

Fokker Dr.I of Ltn.d.R. Hermann Vallendor, summer 1918

This Fokker Dr.I was flown by Leutnant der Reserve Hermann Vallendor during the Spring and early Summer of 1918. The rear fuselage and tailplane were painted black on the starboard side/white on the port side.

Lepere Lusac

The Lepere Lusac was just entering production when the war ended. This one is on exhibit at the United States Airforce Museum in Dayton, Ohio.LePere Lusac 1

Cockpit view - LePere-LusacNMUSAF Photos