Deutsche Luftkriegsgeschichte

Deutsche Luftkriegsgeschichte 1914-1918 Aus der Chronik der Jagdstaffel 32

Deutsche Luftkriegsgeschichte 1914-1918 Aus der Chronik der Jagdstaffel 32,by Jörg Mückler, VDM Heinz Nickel, Kasernenstr. 6-10, D-66482 Zweibrücken Germany, 8 ½" x 11", 95 pp., 110 photos, 19 Euros plus shipping, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., order online at their web site:

The English language market is the broadest for World War One aviation publications. Does that mean one should ignore books because of the language difficulties if English is your only tongue? I must answer that question with a resounding NO! If you miss this one you would miss out on what is both visually and textually a must have for anyone interested in German First World War aviation. There are many books being published in other languages, and this one is an absolute gem.

'Deutsche Luftkriegsgeschichte 1914-1918 Aus der Chronik der Jagdstaffel 32' (German Air Combat 1914-1918 From the Chronicles of Jasta 32) by German League member Jörg Mückler is an example of stellar research that is being carried out by dedicated German researchers. If you are comfortable with reading the German language, then, all the better. The author shows his talent at writing and the narrative flows and is very entertaining. This book is the first in a promised series on the subject of German Great War aviation history. If you don't read German, don't let that stop you. There is plenty to be enjoyed here. Believe me, this is a treat.

The 110 photos are of very high quality reproduction, interesting and support the narrative very well. They are printed nice and large so that various details can be gleaned from them, for example, the stenciling style on the Roland D.II. Mückler had help from other contributors with the selection of great photographs and recognition to Manfred Thiemeyer, Hermann Nied, is acknowledged. The unit was founded early in 1917 and was equipped initially with the Roland D.II. This volume could serve very easily as a photo essay on the type, the majority of the 15 Roland D.II images used being unique to this volume. Add to that numerous unique Albatros D.V and Roland D.VI photographs plus new photos of a certain SPAD S.VII flown by Rudolf Windisch and there is much new and exciting to see.

Jasta 32b has hitherto been relatively unsung, it not being among the more famous Jagdstaffeln. It did, however, have its luminaries, including for a time Rudolf Windisch, Eduard Schleich, albeit briefly, and Otto Schmidt, later Staffelführer of Jasta 5. Other lesser knowns are here as well including Emil Koch, Heinrich Schwander, Lothar Freiherr von Hausen, and numerous others.

Markings experts are in for some big surprises, with numerous color schemes presented here for the first time. I expect that shortly, manyJasta 32b Roland D.II, Albatros D.V, and Roland D.VI models and color schemes will be dominating many a model competition. Generous captions identify pilots, their aircraft and other welcome details. Equal Attention is paid to other non-flying personalities, including some of the pets who found a home with the Staffel.

The book is soft covered and profusely illustrated. The rear cover contains three well rendered color profiles of Jasta 32 subjects.

Highly recommended.

submitted by Aaron Weaver