Fokker Dr.I Aces of World War I

Fokker Dr.I Aces of World War I

Fokker Dr.I Aces of World War I, by Norman Franks and Greg VanWyngarden, Osprey Publishing (U.K.), 2001; 96 pp., 9-3/4" x 7-1/4", softcover, profusely illustrated with photos, line drawings and color profiles; ISBN 1-84176-223-7; $12.99 / $18.95; available from Motorbooks International, P.O. Box 1, Osceola, WI 54020.

In answer to the obvious question: yes, another volume devoted to the Fokker Dr.I triplane. But the topic is well handled and the authors--League members Norman Franks and Greg VanWyngarden--have obviously gone to great lengths to provide new photos and fresh insights into this ever-fascinating topic. The reviewer can attest to the fact that it is getting more difficult to find 'new' material and, especially, photos of such a well-covered aspect of World War I avation history.

Of special interest is the 12-page section of full-color profiles and various details of Fokker triplanes from a wide range of Jagdstaffeln. These include variations of aces' markings that are not readily apparent in most photo features. Clearly, this section of the book represents an intensive effort to present newly-researched details.

This consideration of the Fokker Dr.I is part of a series of new titles from Osprey. Given the scholarship and quality of artwork in this example, the others are to be eagerly awaited.

This book is highly recommended.

submitted by Peter Kilduff