List of Airplanes

Over the Front is pleased to present a list of airplanes for you. If you would like to add information for a new plane or add information for any of the existing planes on this list, then please e-mail us a brief write up and we will try to add it to our website for you.

Halberstadt CL.II and CL.IV

Halb. CL.II of Schlachtstaffel 2 cdr. Oscar Bechtle

The Halberstadt CL.II was the first purpose designed aircraft for the ground attack role. This one represents the black-tailed aircraft ofSchlachtstaffel 2 commander Oblt. Oscar Bechtle.

This aircraft is the improved version of the Halberstadt CL.II, the CL.IV which was very successful in harassing Allied troops from the Spring of 1918 until the end of the war. This represents a license built aircraft by Roland.

Roland-built Halberstadt CL.IV at the NMUSAF

This excellent restoration of an Halberstadt CL.IV was carried out by expert craftsmen at the Museum fr Verkehr und Teknik in Berlin. It is currently on display at the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio.

Roland-built Halberstadt CL.IV at the NMUSAF