List of Airplanes

Over the Front is pleased to present a list of airplanes for you. If you would like to add information for a new plane or add information for any of the existing planes on this list, then please e-mail us a brief write up and we will try to add it to our website for you.

Sopwith 'Baby'

Sopwith Baby, N1019, "PHYLLIS", arrived at the Seaplane Defence Flight, Dunkerque on 8 April 1917. Flt. Lt. R. Graham forced a seaplane down 10 miles northeast of Dunkerque on 19 June 1917 while flying this aircraft. N1019 was equipped with a 130 h.p. Clerget engine by December 1917. Note the Lewis gun fixed alongside the cockpit, as well as another mounted on the top wing center section. Rendered by Bob Pearson.

Sopwith "Baby" N1019