List of Airplanes

Over the Front is pleased to present a list of airplanes for you. If you would like to add information for a new plane or add information for any of the existing planes on this list, then please e-mail us a brief write up and we will try to add it to our website for you.

Jagdgeschwader II

Jagdgeschwader II was formed on February 2, 1918. Its first leader was the famous Hauptmann Adolf Ritter von Tutschek, winner of both the Pour lé Mérite and the Max-Josef Orden. Following his death in action little more than a month later command was given to another Pour lé Mérite holder, Hauptmann Rudolf Berthold. When the four units which JGII was comprised of, Jastas 12, 13, 15, and 19 began receiving the excellent Fokker D.VII in the summer of 1918 Berthold gave instructions that each of the Geschwader aircraft should be marked with a blue fuselage. In addition each unit would mark the noses of their aircraft in a different color. Some examples are shown below:

D.VII of unidentified Jasta 12 pilot

Jasta 12 had white noses. This Fokker D.VII was flown by an unidentified pilot in Jasta 12.

D.VII of Leutnant der Reserve Werner Niethammer, Jasta 13

Jasta 13 had green noses. This Fokker D.VII was flown by Leutnant der Reserve Werner Niethammer and marked with his sledge hammer insignia.

D.VII of Leutnant der Reserve Hugo Schäfer, Jasta 15

Jasta 15 had red noses. This marking was carried over from when the unit was Jasta 18. Berthold, when given command of JGII prior to Operation Michael had arranged to take his entire Jasta 18 with him and basically change names with Jasta 15. This Fokker D.VII was flown by Leutnant der Reserve Hugo Schäfer.

D.VII of Leutnant Oliver Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay, Jasta 19

Jasta 19 had yellow noses. This aircraft was the Fokker D.VII flown by Leutnant Oliver Freiherr von Beaulieu-Marconnay, a youthful squadron leader who was killed in a tragic case of misidentification by another German aircraft.